Welcome to the Website of The Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire Middle Ward. I encourage all visitors to the website to browse through our pages and acquaint themselves with the masonic activities of our Province.

We are now in the middle of the summer recess for many lodges however some lodges continue through the summer and I am pleased and encouraged by all the support they are receiving from visiting brethren. I am sure the poor summer weather has contributed to these attendances. A list of our provinces daughter lodge summer meetings can be found elsewhere on this website.

It has again been a very busy but enjoyable year and I am glad to say that there is a positive feeling in the province, all trends are going in a positive direction and the brethren continue to be very supportive. The reports from the Commissioned Officebearers clearly show that they are pleased with the support from their teams and the reception they have received from lodges throughout the province, thank you.

The PGL Annual Charity Appeal has again been successful in raising over £8,000 for Children with Additional Education Needs, this will be distributed to the four schools during September and local lodge Masters will be invited to be involved in the presentations. Thank you for your support. My particular thanks goes to the brethren who join in the sponsored cycle run on a warm evening in June to enjoy a bit of fun and camaraderie, it was a great success and raised over £2,000 – well done – I think the overall opinion that this event should be repeated next year. The charity that will form the focus of this year’s PGL Charity Appeal will be announced after I have discussed this with the Commissioned Officebearers in the next few weeks.

Again lodges all over the province have continued their own fantastic work supporting local charities, both Masonic and Non-Masonic. There have been many wonderful efforts from the lodges and individual brethren raising funds for individual charities, this is very commendable.

I am now in the final year of my commission but will not be taking my foot off the pedal and hope to attend as many lodge installations as possible in the forthcoming months. It will be a big year ahead with the nomination of a new PGM and the year will culminate with his Installation and PGL Bi-Centenary on 10th September 2016. The planning for this “once in a lifetime” event is well advanced and the meeting will be in Hamilton College and all master masons are encouraged to attend – there will be no ticket restrictions for the meeting and the venue can seat up to 900. The dinner afterwards will be ticket only, so apply early to avoid disappointment.

This website is still developing and will continue to evolve to meet the information needs of the daughter lodges, the brethren of the Province and other interested website users. Enjoy browsing through our website and please return again.

Tom Davidson
Provincial Grand Master


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